The following are the investment opportunities in the horticulture industry in Ghana:

1. Production

Investment opportunities are available for companies/factories to produce horticultural products for the local and international markets, especially to European markets. The EU is the main destination for Ghanaian horticultural exports.

On the local markets the main horticultural products are yams, plantains, cassava, cocoyam/leaves, beans, groundnuts, tomatoes, chilies and onions.

2. Raw Materials

Investment opportunities are available for companies to:

  • Produce horticultural seeds
  • Provide sustainable irrigation services in the industry
  • Organize small-holders into out-grower systems for production
  • Supply fertilizers, pesticides and other agricultural chemicals to the industry

3. Marketing and Distribution

Investment opportunities are available for companies to:

  • Provide packaging materials
  • Buy the horticultural products for exports
  • Supply and install cold chain equipment
  • Organize small-holder firms into out-grower systems for marketing
  • Provide post production services (transport, cold vans) Joint ventures
  • Package and ship floral products to international markets
  • Opportunities are also available to invest in supply chain management to add value to the horticultural products. The supply chain can combine commercial quality (branding) of the product together with environmental quality (labels/certificates) and social quality (labels/certificates) in their product proposition towards their customers.

4. Technological and Supporting Services

Investment opportunities are available for companies to provide:

  • Technological and consulting services
  • Financial services and products to the industry
  • Research and development services
  • Inspection and grading according to international standards to make the deliveries acceptable in international markets
  • Capacity building on standards, training and certification

Investment Incentives

Incentives to the sector may apply under the following provisions:

  • There is custom duty exemption for agricultural and industrial plant, machinery and equipment imported for investment purposes.
  • Listed companies enjoy corporate tax of 25% and newly listed companies enjoy 25% corporate tax for the first three years.
  • There are locational Incentives (tax rebate) for manufacturing industries located in the regional capitals.